This site has been created to expand and share on some of the insights that led to the writing of It's Monday Only in Your Mind: You Are Not Your Thoughts.

Space of Freedom

Understanding the space between what the eyes see and the conditioned label that’s applied is the difference between being dragged around by the Conditioned Mind or letting go and living in the space of freedom.

The term “letting go” is used a lot in today’s society, but what does it really mean and can it truly be accomplished? Truly letting go of something is very difficult because mostly what’s being held on to is deeply engrained in one’s subconscious, if this wasn’t so it wouldn’t be held on to. Either there will be control of oneself in the way life is lived or there won’t. No one can control life itself, but how a person lives can be controlled to the level of one’s awareness of their conditioning. Most people have been conditioned to see an object with their eyes and instantly label it in some way, it’s then stored in the mind to use again and again, but there’s a way to truly let go of this instilled process to get between the space of seeing and labeling.

This is the space of freedom where one truly lets go, but this letting go doesn’t occur in the conventional way that it’s thought about by most people, however this conventional way is the reason there’s so much struggle with letting go. What I’m suggesting is if you never attach a label to something the need to let go never arises. This is where true freedom is experienced. If something is constantly being reinforced that there’s a need for it to be let go of, that would mean it still has a hold of you. This space between laying eyes on something and labeling it seems as though it happens simultaneously, but it doesn’t. I can attest to this as through the practice of sitting and developing discipline, some space has been created that allows for me to remain in the space of the present moment instead of being drawn into some past label (thought) process.

Addictions use reinforcement and although people may not use something for years, it still holds them in bondage by it constantly being labeled and reinforced. Don’t attach a label and there’s no reinforcement which means one is free. True freedom means not attaching and succumbing to the conventional labeling process, that’s how one truly lets go of something. This is why there’s so much relapse with addiction and so much bondage in today’s society as a whole because truly letting go isn’t understood and as long as it continues to be applied in the conventional way, the space of freedom between what is seen and the label applied will never be experienced.

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