This site has been created to expand and share on some of the insights that led to the writing of It's Monday Only in Your Mind: You Are Not Your Thoughts.

From One Seed

In the beginning there was one seed and out of that seed the human race began and although we may not all look and talk the same, since we’re from the same seed our differences are only on the surface.

The value of meditation (sitting) is second to none when it comes to realizing what’s truly going on in your life. Here’s a story to illustrate this, it’s about a pumpkin patch where everyday the pumpkins were fighting with each other. The gardener would keep the peace as best as he could, but to no avail the moment he left, the fighting would commence. One day the fighting was really out of control and the gardener had to step in more adamantly then ever before. He always stressed to the pumpkins about the importance of meditation, but on the day he was yelling at the top of his lungs and really emphasizing its importance. Now although the pumpkins were reluctant, they stop fighting and tried meditating. It worked because the pumpkins finally settled down and become quieter.

As this quietness took hold, one of the pumpkins noticed there was something on top of his head, as this was investigated it was noticed that it went to the pumpkin he was just fighting with. As these two discussed this and investigated this further, it was discovered that all the pumpkins in this particular patch were connected. It was also understood that this meant they were all from the same seed. The awareness which arose from the quietness from meditating exposed their bond and no longer did the pumpkins fight, matter of fact they become one of the best producing pumpkin patches of their time.

Just substitute the pumpkins with people and it really isn’t that far fetched, without something in place that allows the mind to settle none of what transpired in the pumpkin patch would have occurred. The only way anything new is allowed into one’s life is if the old isn’t taking up all of one’s mind space. Space is needed to see what’s truly going on and if it’s not created nothing new will be seen and the old will continue to run the show. Our connection as humans isn’t seen because of all the noise going on and unfortunately it will continue until people notice as the pumpkins did that we’re all connected and created from the same seed. 


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