This site has been created to expand and share on some of the insights that led to the writing of It's Monday Only in Your Mind: You Are Not Your Thoughts.

Body and Mind Unity 

Our body and mind are the tools we’re given to use in this mysterious journey called life. If the body and mind aren’t in unity with each other, it will make our journey much more difficult.

If our car is driven without the proper care and maintenance, eventually it will not work properly. It’s the same with our body and mind, don’t take care of them and they also will eventually not work properly. Whether it’s eating, sleeping, working out, recreational activity and so on, there’s a certain way of doing things that allows one to be in harmony with life. And when there’s harmony with life there’s unity with oneself. This maximizes our ability to reach our natural potential, nature doesn’t lie so the more we do things that are connected to nature the more natural is our living. This involves all aspects of our life, garbage in equals garbage out, as love in equals love out. So if we take care of our body and mind we will naturally be taken care of, at least to the extent that our potential can be maximized in whatever capacity that may be.

Life takes on an entirely different meaning when this occurs because it’s not lived from the mode of individuality, it can’t be because love embraces unity, it’s just the way love rolls. There’s no such thing as separation where there’s love, this doesn’t mean the entire world will love you, but the ones who have love in their heart will because they’re connected to their own mind and body. If someone wishes ill will to you that is because of their lack of unity with themselves and that’s their misgiving. A person has no control how others feel about them or acts so don’t take it upon yourself that what others say is true. When there’s unity with one’s own mind and body, there’s a connection with the Universe because it’s from whence one came and when one is in unity with from whence they came, there’s unity with the mind and body that love springs forth from because that’s the way love rolls. 


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