This site has been created to expand and share on some of the insights that led to the writing of It's Monday Only in Your Mind: You Are Not Your Thoughts.

Carrying Around the Past

If there isn’t some form of discipline being practiced to allow the mind to settle, there will be very little peace in life and one will be controlled by the past because it’s the baggage being carried around.

Everything thought about and labeled is from some past experience that’s being held onto. Think of the labels that are put on things including people, they’re all derived from some past experience brought into the present. It’s like carrying around different bags for each occurrence, filled with memories, descriptions, judgements and what not. Think of this, parents, family in general, co workers (all associations for that matter), food, entertainment, music, alcohol, God, and on and on, everything that arises in the present moment has already been labeled by something from the past. So how objective are we really when it comes to being open minded? How much truth can be known if there are already labels in place? This is why meditation is so valuable, it allows space between the labeling process.

Right now wherever you are think of someone you know that isn’t with you. Do you not have a label already attached to them? Where does it come from? It comes from the baggage of the past. It’s something that’s being carried around, so the label of what is being thought of is already there, but it’s only there because of carrying around the past. Something not known isn’t labeled, why, because there’s no past attached to it.

To truly be in the present moment is to let go of the past, but who can honestly say they live there all the time? I know I can’t, but more and more with the opening of my heart to new awarenesses, there’s more presence in my life then ever before, this is what the practice of meditation allows; the benefit of the mind settling and having more and more awareness of the present moment.

When it’s discovered that the past is a block, it allows for life to be lived more in the present moment, this is the only place of true freedom. To not carry around any baggage of the past year is to be in a place of open mindedness, a place of non judgement. This is a place where the stories of the Conditioned Mind aren’t needed. And if there isn’t some form of discipline being practiced to allow your mind to settle, it won’t and you can just resign yourself to the fact that your mind is in control of your life and you will just make up story after story because all you can do is reach into the bags you are carrying that are filled with the labels from the past. 


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