This site has been created to expand and share on some of the insights that led to the writing of It's Monday Only in Your Mind: You Are Not Your Thoughts.

Unconscious Suffering of I

If one truly understood their own mind it would be seen how the mind that creates suffering is also the one that wants peace. And the craziness of the Conditioned Mind is it creates an I that makes the unconscious decision to suffer.

Suffering is crazy because it’s not known that it’s a choice. This choice remains unknown until the day that it isn’t, but until that time there’s a choice that isn’t understood by many people because of the unawareness of knowing one’s own mind. If one’s mind was understood it would be seen how the mind that creates peace is the same mind that creates suffering. And peace could be the default setting of one’s mind all the time if it wasn’t for the crazy conditioning that causes one’s suffering. When the craziness of one’s own conditioned mind is understood it’s then that one will have the ability to make a conscious choice not to suffer.

Though one’s suffering isn’t a conscious decision, it’s still one that is made through the ignorance of not knowing that one is conditioned. And regardless of how one is conditioned means little because all conditioning makes one create a world controlled by I. One’s conditioning creates an I story and this story is what gives life to I. This is what makes one’s world what it is. If story after story is created about life, one can only look to I for the way life is. I likes to blame others, but others don’t create your stories, only I does and because one is unconscious of their conditioning, life becomes one’s I based world which creates one’s own suffering. Without the conditioning one would be of the world and not in it because there would be a conscious decision not to create the craziness of one’s own I conditioned suffering. 


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