This site has been created to expand and share on some of the insights that led to the writing of It's Monday Only in Your Mind: You Are Not Your Thoughts.

The Reality of What Is 

Most minds have been conditioned to search for answers that aren’t really needed to live. Our true essence beyond the searching for answers is the acceptance of what is. There isn’t a true need for much else.

Although our Conditioned Mind always searches for answers, even when it gets one it doesn’t stay satisfied very long and lo and behold the next search begins and sometimes we don’t even get an answer and the next search begins. But where the real problem lies is in the mind that doesn’t accept things as they are, not the lack of answers that one has. It’s very difficult for life to be accepted as it is by a mind that’s been conditioned to search for answers and as this is the case for most of us, if life isn’t accepted as it is it makes for a very discontented life, and at the core of this is our own mind creating all this nonsense.

Life isn’t something that’s ever truly going to be figured out, actually the more you think you have it figured out the less you know what’s going on. But our Conditioned Mind wants answers and it’s going to get them even if they have to be made up. This is how most people live their life with these made up answers and the moment this is done our existence becomes limited, but understand this created limit is the conditioning not the mind itself. Our mind is as limitless as the Universe itself because we are a product of it.

We need to understand our mind to a certain degree, but the limitless of it will not be understood if it has never been experienced. So instead of making up answers, be in the moment of what is and allow this to be your answer. Tell your mind what’s occurring in this exact moment is the answer that you are searching for, this way the mind won’t have to make things up because it will have its answer; there won’t be any need to create one. When the searching for answers cease and it’s understood the life you’re given is the answer you’ve always been looking for then life will be exactly how it’s wanted because it will be accepted as it is; there’s not much more that one can truly ask for but to live in the reality of what is. 


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