This site has been created to expand and share on some of the insights that led to the writing of It's Monday Only in Your Mind: You Are Not Your Thoughts.

Projected Fear

The Conditioned Mind uses fear to keep one from the Here and Now by projecting. It takes one directly away from what’s occurring right now and links it to a projected fear of what may occur.

We can spend most of our life in a place that doesn’t truly exist if we”re constantly projecting what may happen next. It doesn’t matter much what it is that’s being projected, the fact that it’s being done is what takes one from the reality of what is actually occurring, as opposed to what one thinks may or may not occur or what one wants to occur. Projecting robs one of life in this way because it takes one from the Here and Now and links a person directly to fear. Anything that does this is something that has been generated by one’s own mind so it can remain in control, after all that’s what one is up against, their own mind. Nothing generates fear but ourselves and this is what needs to be exposed so it can be stopped.

Fear of projecting is one of the things the Conditioned Mind uses to keep one in its grip. So much of what’s projected never happens, but if we aren’t aware of this, fear controls our life. Much focus and practice on the Here and Now is needed to not allow projections, and it’s a practice that needs to be cultivated because it didn’t get engrained in the sub conscious overnight. Since projecting is something that’s also been cultivated, if you want to stop this, being in the present moment needs to be cultivated, that’s if you want to live in the freedom of what actually occurs in life. If not, you will remain in the prison of a self created fear, projecting what will occur next and probably never having it happen. 


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