This site has been created to expand and share on some of the insights that led to the writing of It's Monday Only in Your Mind: You Are Not Your Thoughts.

If it isn’t known what keeps one closed minded and entangled to a customary view of life, it’ll be very difficult to separate from it and experience any transformation beyond the customary view.

Although the things that one is entangled with may be difficult to see, when for whatever reason one becomes untangled, it is than that the possibility of being free from one’s owns bondage can transpire. What needs to happen for this to occur is for one to sense a separation from the customary way of perceiving one’s life view. The customary view of life has to fall by the wayside, at least to the point where one is in limbo in between what is customary and what isn’t. It doesn’t have to be a white light experience or anything dramatic, just a subtle sense that maybe there’s more to one’s life than meets the eye.

My own separation began because of desperate circumstances and although it was only a sliver of an opening, it was enough for the separation and in between process to begin. All transformations are unique unto themselves and the individual, but there are three aspects to them that are common. They are separation, in between, and transformation, at least this is the way it occurred for me and numerous people I’ve discussed this with. Tomorrow I will elaborate on these three in more detail, today our entanglements are the focus. Here is the definition of entangled – “involved (someone) in difficulties or complicated circumstances from which it is difficult to escape” these entanglements are one’s bondage and if this isn’t identified the bondage remains.

Most entanglements manifest from a Conditioned Mind story of this or that and because of this, one is subtly entrapped in a self created prison which most people are unaware of; this unawareness just makes one more entangled. So what is one to do? If when reading this article the truth of it can be seen, even just an inkling, separation is there and can be expanded upon. If not and this article is discarded without investigation, although it may be subtle, one’s suffering will continue on. So take heed in what is written here because this explains the nature of bondage and if one can’t be separated from their customary way of viewing life they will remain entangled (in bondage) to their self created prison. A prison that doesn’t have to be, but it will take separation and awareness of being in between one’s customary view for any transformation to occur and break out of prison. 


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