This site has been created to expand and share on some of the insights that led to the writing of It's Monday Only in Your Mind: You Are Not Your Thoughts.

Put Down the Hammer

The results of the way one behaves is because of the tools that are developed. Most develop tools that don’t allow for life to be peaceful and enjoyable, but with practice tools that do this can be put in place.

For me it’s really very easy to see the difference in the way life is today as opposed to the way it was nine years ago; the base of it is why there’s a difference. There was a time when life was always about me, but today it’s not this way and this is not for any other reason except that I see when there’s an “all about me” base to my life. Although it seems I am doing things for my benefit by constantly satisfying my self, an “all about me” base doesn’t allow for much harmony with life, so it’s not lived in a way that’s truly beneficial. Seeing this is really the only thing that’s different in me today.

Growing up I developed tools that weren’t beneficial to anyone, so today different tools are used to try and make what I do more beneficial to all involved. I was never at peace because I didn’t have tools that allowed peace; today tools are being developed that allow for some peace. There can be all sorts of nonsense made up about life being spiritual, loving, or attaining a blissful made up mind state, but the bottom line for me is this; I developed tools and lived in a way that caused certain things to occur in my life that didn’t allow for it to be enjoyable or peaceful, and it’s because of this that one day I started doing things differently. This is the great mystery of life, learning to stop using tools that don’t truly allow for one to be at peace and for life to be enjoyable. In other words, I learned to stop hitting myself with a hammer and I found, regardless of which tools I use, as long as they allow peace in my life, I will continue to develop them so life can be more enjoyable.

At one time I only used tools that caused problems and today I don’t. I had to find these tools because the ones that were previously put in place weren’t producing results that were enjoyable. This is what my inner urging provided, to look for tools that allowed for life to be enjoyable. For whatever reason, I developed tools that produced unpleasant results and regardless of this, I continued to use them because that’s I developed.

One day it dawned on me that I needed different tools if I wanted things to be different in my life and basically this is why I do what I do today. I mainly sit to develop the discipline that allows life to point out what tools are more beneficial for me to use to make it more peaceful and enjoyable. After all it’s only the tools developed that made my life what it was in the past, and what it is now, in the present, nothing more, nothing less and in a nutshell all I did was learn to put down the hammer. 


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