This site has been created to expand and share on some of the insights that led to the writing of It's Monday Only in Your Mind: You Are Not Your Thoughts.

Swayed Emotions 

If the surface occurrences of life are allowed to control our emotions, we’ll flip flop back forth with our mind agitations and be no different than a baby reaching for a pacifier looking for comfort.

In the depth of stillness is where one is at peace. Without depth, there’s just what’s on the surface and that causes one to flip flop because of the dependency on things. The deeper the stillness of one’s foundation, the more peace there will be in one’s life. And obviously the more one is at peace, the more peace is shown to others, as the deeper one’s stillness, the less conditions control one’s life. Go to a depth not known and go to a place of purity, but this will take a tremendous amount of understanding of why we aren’t in this way already. And the transformation of this understanding from the head to the heart will determine one’s peace. It’s essential to get it to the heart, but without stillness one can only live from the head.

I’ve seen this played out first hand in my life and those around me and it doesn’t benefit any life when one lives strictly from the head. It’s the heart that emanates peace, it’s the head that’s usually filled with some made up nonsense. There are many many conditions that cause this type of living and this is why a person has flip flopping emotions. The lack of stillness creates a flip flopping foundation and so our emotions are very easily swayed. The things that sway people are allowed to occur because one’s emotions are that of baby looking for comfort. Why else are we swayed when things don’t go our way? Does not a child act in the same manner? Do not many adults act in the same manner of stamping their feet when they don’t get our way?

The purity of a child is vastly different than the immature emotions of a child, but if one learns to go deeper than what the surface supply’s you with, you will see a level of maturity not known previously. And when this becomes known, life becomes much more stable because you won’t be so easily swayed by the nonsense that the world provides as a foundation. With a solid foundation based in stillness, which is beyond what goes on at the surface, one’s flip flopping emotions subside and peace becomes the foundation of one’s life, and when one lives in a constant state of peace, life is much more stable than the flip flopping immaturity of a baby wanting their pacifier.

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