This site has been created to expand and share on some of the insights that led to the writing of It's Monday Only in Your Mind: You Are Not Your Thoughts.

Putting Stillness First

The way a person is conditioned is the way they have to act. Yet things like I wish I hadn’t done that or why did I do that are said and until this is realized, one can only act as conditioned.

If a person is Conditioned to be a certain way, why is it such a surprise when they act accordingly? When the conditioning is to love then that’ll be how they act, but no one has the right to judge or label any behavior as a mistake because more than likely the person is just doing what their conditioning tells them to do. And people who judge others make the same mistakes as the ones they are judging, but it’s only deemed a mistake because that’s the way it’s being viewed. How much validity can we truly put in someone who is just as conditioned as the person they are judging? The only difference is the way people are conditioned, we are all different when it comes to how one is conditioned and we all succumb to our Conditioned Mind unless there was an upbringing of pure love, but no one I know .

We can only do what we do because it’s what we know and we understand that others can only do what they do because it’s what they know. When the mind settles down enough this is understood. If you always have to do something, it’s because you can’t be still and if you can’t be still, you will always have to do something. Sitting in quiet doesn’t magically settle the mind, it will take much practice for it to settle, but what the sitting does is allow one to become more aware of how unsettled their mind is. The meditative state of sitting is the practice, but living life is where the results are shown. If the mind is quiet for an hour of sitting, but noisy throughout the day there’s not much benefit to that. Stillness has to be our forte if we are to truly understand life.

This isn’t an understanding of life, it’s an understanding of ourself. So sit, and when it’s time to work, work, but bring in the stillness of sitting to work, or whatever it is that you’re doing, then the doing will be based in stillness which naturally has love as its base. But stillness has to come first for there to be love because without it one will be ruled by the Conditioned Mind and although the results of our behavior may be different depending of our conditioning, we all belong to the same Conditioned Mind puppeteer. 


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