This site has been created to expand and share on some of the insights that led to the writing of It's Monday Only in Your Mind: You Are Not Your Thoughts.

Seeking some form of pleasure is so subtle in one’s life, but it’s at the base of most of the decisions made. If one becomes aware of this, most of the decisions made would never occur.

The dynamics of the Conditioned Mind are so subtle and diabolical that if one is fortunate to awaken to this, the affect it has is life altering. Once this is seen it can’t be erased even if one wants to ignore it, but if it’s not seen there’s no way of knowing how entrapped one truly is. The dynamics I speak of in this article is the pleasure seeking of the Conditioned Mind, this is what’s at the core of the dynamics, the constant seeking of pleasure at such a subtle level that it unconsciously keeps one entrapped to the pleasure seeking mind.

Look at this pleasure seeking for yourself. The constant arranging of life: using substances, favorite teams, sex, gambling, talking about others, 12 Step Programs, vacations, money, just to name a few of the things used for seeking out pleasure, but what makes the conditioning diabolical is the fact that regardless if the pleasure works out exactly the way that it’s wanted or not, and even if pleasure wasn’t sought, life would be exactly the same; except for the self created world that the Conditioned Mind makes one believe that pleasure is needed.

The only thing that’s truly needed in life is the bare essentials to live, everything else falls under the category of pleasure and this pleasure is the cause of all of one’s own created suffering, whether it’s seen or not. Case in point, when your favorite team wins or loses what affect does it really have on your life, but it’s made into a big deal. Or if that drink of alcohol, ice cream, snack, cigarette or whatever one craves for isn’t taken, does it really change anything? This is what one has to get in touch with if freedom is to ever be had, or not and life will be constantly be lived seeking pleasure, that is until one day because existence in this form will eventually end so the pleasure seeking ends and what did all that sought after and attained pleasure really change?

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