This site has been created to expand and share on some of the insights that led to the writing of It's Monday Only in Your Mind: You Are Not Your Thoughts.

Present Moment Freedom

When the present moment isn’t needed to be a certain way, only then can one truly be free and in harmony with life. If the attachment to wanting the present moment to be different wasn’t there, suffering wouldn’t exist.

Freedom to live life to the fullest without limits is relative to the attachments that are held onto by the mind. Most people aren’t even aware that these attachments exist so even though a person may have many attachments that their own mind is creating, the same mind will tell you there are none. And if the mind tells you there are no attachments, who can say that there are? But regardless of this unawareness, if attachment is there and because ignorance isn’t bliss, there will be suffering. Attachment is the number one deterrent to ones freedom and freedom can only be had if it’s known what one is attached to in the present moment.

Understanding attachment doesn’t condone if someone is living unconsciously and is causing harming to themselves and others, but if there isn’t awareness of one’s unconsciousness, there’s no way the person can be any different. We’re as free as our awareness to what we attach to in the present moment and it’s our attachments that cause us to behave in ways that aren’t conducive to love which causes much suffering; attachment blocks our own innate goodness from arising. Attach to nothing and nothing will block love from arising, it’s then that true harmony with existence will be. Non attachment Is where nothing is needed nor wanted or desired. It’s where life just is and an awareness that nothing added or attached to it will truly make it any different. When the present moment isn’t needed to be a certain way, it’s then that one will truly be free and be in harmony with life because it’s only the attachment of wanting life to be different that causes one to suffer. 


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