This site has been created to expand and share on some of the insights that led to the writing of It's Monday Only in Your Mind: You Are Not Your Thoughts.

Peace is One’s Right

Being at peace is one’s right, but there’s a reason why when one isn’t at peace. Being human isn’t the reason why this occurs, being controlled by one’s Conditioned Mind is.

What are you willing to allow that takes you from your place of peace? Traffic, people, circumstances needed to be a certain way, God, children; yours or others, this list goes on and on, but it doesn’t have to be this way because each individual is the creator of their list. It can be empty if that’s what you want, you may not be aware of it, but nothing just pulls you from your place of peace, it has to be allowed. So what are you willing to allow that makes this happen? Nothing is worth more than having peace of mind, but most people aren’t at peace; don’t take my word on this, just look around. And this so because most people have never been taught how not to allow this to happen so this list is made because that’s what one has been taught.

The most difficult thing that one will learn in life is how to stop your own mind from taking you away from your place of peace. It sounds simple, just don’t allow it, but the Conditioned Mind has the upper hand because of the deep seated roots of its origin. It has been developing since your existence began, maybe even before. It goes way back and its roots are deep. So this is our dilemma, you first have to understand you’re the creator of your list. Next you have to identify the conditioning on the list, lastly you have to understand why there’s a need to create the list. Once you become aware of this, it will be possible to start eliminating the things that take you from your place of peace, but if the things that take you from your peace aren’t identified, you will be at the mercy of whatever conditioning your mind has developed.

People think addicts are those who use substances, but everyone is an addict addicted to their thoughts. If you don’t think this is so try not attaching to your thoughts, see if you can do it; without practice it’s just about impossible. This is so subtle you’ll probably not even be aware it’s happening, until maybe one day you will. This awareness changes the entire dynamics of a person’s existence because with the understanding of what takes you from your place of peace you can stop allowing this pull and you can be at peace more often than not. After all this is the core of existence, whether one realizes it or not. 


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