This site has been created to expand and share on some of the insights that led to the writing of It's Monday Only in Your Mind: You Are Not Your Thoughts.

Contentment of Love 

Life isn’t a blessing when one has much, it’s a blessing when one gives much. The more one thinks life is a blessing because of what one has, the less contented that life will be.

Although being content is probably regarded as a place that most people want to be, it’s not necessarily the most beneficial place for a person to be. It may seem like it is, but it’s only so because of the unconsciousness and ignorance that’s in control of so many lives. If contentment isn’t based purely in the fact that one is alive, the contentment will be fleeting. There are a lot of people who are content selling drugs, stealing, pimping, and many other dysfunctional behaviors and although these behaviors are extreme, there are as many people who are content in being wealthy and successful even though there are many people who are struggling to make ends meet. Then there are those in politics who are content with making decisions based on what’s best for them or their political affiliations and not for people as a whole. Most people aren’t truly content with their life or they wouldn’t always be looking for the next satisfaction or carrying around so much anger, guilt, envy, righteousness, jealously, pride, and greed.

If one is content, nothing other than being alive would be needed, but this isn’t the way it is for most. To truly be content one will serve others by coming from a place of love because that’s what’s in one’s heart, this isn’t a self serving love, but a love that’s of the Universe. This love has nothing to do with what one has or what happens in life, it’s contingent on what one gives without any attached expectations.

Life isn’t a blessing when one has much, its a blessing when one gives just for the sake of giving. The more conditions one puts on life, the less contented one will be. If you don’t think this is so, how contented would you be if something considered tragic happened? What if life changed and all the so called blessings were not there, would there still be contentment? Something to think about. The unfortunate thing about this is it’s only through unconsciousness and ignorance that any discontentment occurs, but its not only the glaring discontentments that control, there are the subtle ones that most don’t even realize exist.

How you will know if you’re truly contented is by the way you behave and this is because discontentment is based in the self centeredness that one thinks they know what’s best. It’s usually associated, but not limited to these behaviors, anger, guilt, envy, righteousness, jealously, pride, greed and so on. So if one’s given life isn’t based in love it will be nearly impossible for it to be a contented one because it will be about what one has, not what one gives. Again, there isn’t contentment with life because one has much, there can only be true contentment when it’s understood that life is based in the love of what one gives and until this is so one will never be truly contented regardless of what one has. 


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