This site has been created to expand and share on some of the insights that led to the writing of It's Monday Only in Your Mind: You Are Not Your Thoughts.

Conflict Within

When there’s a conflict that takes one from their own inner peace, it’s as though someone else is in control, and to a degree there is because by not understanding your own mind, your conditioning is in control.

Who are we in conflict with? Is it someone in our family, a boss or co-worker? Is it the government, a religion or possibly society as a whole? Maybe there’s conflict with someone who did something horrible to us or to a family member. It may be some of these or all of these, but the real conflict is always within ourself. It’s not that we ignore what happens to us, but where is the benefit of allowing it to control us to the point where it causes suffering, our own and others? If there’s to be peace in one’s life, we have to stop allowing anything or anybody to cause mind agitations that ignite the flames of inner conflict. If we don’t keep our flame from flaring up there will be no peace and how can we benefit others if we ourselves aren’t at peace?

So what needs to be identified is what’s causing the mind agitations that cause one to be in conflict with themselves. When this is known you can decide if you want to continue the conflict or not. Once something is done it’s done, nothing can change what has already occurred. If it’s not liked what was done, one will need to do what’s necessary to try and not let it occur again, but just because a person doesn’t want something to happen, it doesn’t mean it won’t. So the cause of the conflict is what needs to be identified so we can do whats necessary to stop it. And in the process if we can change one single event from controlling us and remain at peace or at least be aware of what is blocking our peace, we will truly be on a path that will not only change our life, but it will change the lives of many others. Although it may seem like things from the outside are the cause of our conflicts, when we look within we find our conflicts are with ourself and if we want to be free from them we’ll have to stop wrestling with our own mind. 


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