This site has been created to expand and share on some of the insights that led to the writing of It's Monday Only in Your Mind: You Are Not Your Thoughts.

Heart Intentions

A message of consciousness to a mostly unconsciousness world will likely result in many unconscious responses, but to stay the course is to know your intentions and actions are from your heart.

What happens when you do something that you’re sure is for the greater good, but the results you get aren’t what you were expecting? Even though what you did seemed to be in line with the greater good, but the results weren’t, don’t let that deter you from being led by your heart; stay the course. Our intentions and actions matter more then their results. We can’t control results as much as we can control what we can do. Don’t let results influence your hearts intentions.

Here is a prime example: A few months ago I had a workshop for my book, it was posted for a while, three people showed up. Now as much as I would have liked the room to be full, the results of who came were beyond my control. So if I was only focused on the results, it would have taken away from my hearts intention of having the workshop and then from the focus on the three people who were in attendance. Living with what life gives you means you can’t really be concerned with results; besides the Universe is in charge. Concerned for results will only take away from what’s in your heart because thinking you need certain results is strictly from the head, results are ego driven.

It’s the same with people, trying to convey a message of consciousness to an unconsciousness world will mostly get you unconscious results. It will be slow going and much perseverance will be needed, but if what you do is from the heart, someone’s unconscious results will not deter you from doing what’s for the greater good. Life is our judge, not people. We have to answer to the person in the mirror and that’s the person who needs to understand the intentions and actions of what one is doing. When this occurs even if it doesn’t seem as though what you’re doing is producing the expected results, you know the greater good isn’t measured by results, it’s measured by knowing what’s in your heart and that occurs by staying the course with little or no concern for worldly results.

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