This site has been created to expand and share on some of the insights that led to the writing of It's Monday Only in Your Mind: You Are Not Your Thoughts.

Truth Showcases Love

Who we learn from is who we emanate and it’s what gets showcased to the world. If it isn’t based in truth of love than there will be conflicts within, which will manifest as conflicts with others.

It’s not only important who you study to emanate in life because it will determine the methods practiced, it is also as important to know the truth of the teachings of who you’re studying because that will be the example that others will see as a result of methods of what is practiced. Practice love and love will be what the world sees, practice something else and that will be what’s showcased. This matters because when you’re a learner of truth you become an example of truth and others who are also urged to seek truth will be drawn to you. People who are in conflict with you may also be truth seekers, but because there’s conflict it hasn’t been established. When one knows truth and loves there isn’t any conflict. When the base of someone’s life is love there’s never conflict with anyone on your end. Others may be in conflict with you, but pay them no mind because they aren’t at fault and it’s not for you to release them of their misgivings, remember their misgivings are theirs not yours. What is within them is for them to rectify.

My two main teachers who I have studied are Jesus and Buddha, although there were many other teachers I have learned from, but those were and are the main ones which resonated with me. What resonates with me is love is the base of their teachings. To me their teachings weren’t based in a set beliefs that they preached about, what they taught was from the truth of the love that was in their hearts. This didn’t mean people weren’t opposed to what they taught, but it was their misgiving and it was because of not understanding the truth of love which is what led to the opposition.

One’s own lack of love (truth) is what causes opposition. How do I know this, because true love has no opposition, it can’t. So when there’s opposition, it’s directly because of the lack of love in someone’s life. That’s why even if you are the most loving person to roam this earth, there will be those who will oppose you because of the lack of understanding of what truth is in themselves.

It’s their own lack of love that they oppose, and since they’re unconscious of this and don’t have the awareness of being honest with themselves, they’re conditioned to look to others as the cause of their issues. But when a person knows truth and loves, none of this nonsense goes on. That’s how it will be known if what you are learning is truth because all you will have in your heart is love. And if who you’re studying is not emanating love in their teachings then it will not be truth, your heart will not be based in love, your example to the world will be from your ego, and you will not be set free. And you will know you aren’t free by the conflicts in your heart, which is a tell tale sign that what you’re learning isn’t of love. So if you aren’t learning truth of love than what are you learning and what results are you showcasing to the world? Something to think about.

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