This site has been created to expand and share on some of the insights that led to the writing of It's Monday Only in Your Mind: You Are Not Your Thoughts.

Stuck Between One’s Ears

A person who lives in a house and is stuck inside because of being unaware there’s an outside, is like a person who thinks that what truly occurs in life is what goes on between their ears.

Yesterday someone mentioned in a post about being stuck living a certain way and wanting life to be different. My reply was this: One is only stuck when they live in the space between their ears. As the road to happy destiny is trudged, our conditioning slowly changes, but one’s contentment shouldn’t be based on this change. I’ve come to an understanding of life that it’s perfect when it’s accepted as it is. I am perfect in my imperfections, until this was understood my searching for perfection remained in place. That’s what one’s search is really all about anyway; trying to have things the way they want, which in the space between their ears makes one think this will make life perfect.

For me my searching ended when I understood my conditioning is not me. I don’t try to be anything or achieve a certain state, I am what I am, this is my place of peace and the great thing about this is, its not dependent on anything. Read your books, sit in meditation, go to the gym, do yoga and what not, but none of these things nor will anything else stop the searching, that is until it’s realized what’s here right now is what one is searching for.

I’m not labeling these things as good or bad, but as long as there’s searching, labels will be applied. This doesn’t have to be, but it will take a mind that’s settled to be aware of this. And just how does the mind settle, pretty much by sitting and accepting things as they are. When this is done the searching stops because one realizes they already have what they’ve been searching for. 


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