This site has been created to expand and share on some of the insights that led to the writing of It's Monday Only in Your Mind: You Are Not Your Thoughts.

Step Three – Commitment

Made a decision to practice aligning our will and our lives to be in harmony with the Divine Purpose, so our heart remains open and our behavior is of Universal Love instead of self-centeredness.

Each day upon arising we have the choice to either start the day in cooperation with the Divine Purpose or our purpose. This decision is ours as is the consequences of this decision.

Having started the process of identifying our Conditioned Mind Patterns and having our hearts opened so we come to truly understand Steps One and Two, it’s now time to make a commitment to bring more truth and love into our daily lives and allow our hearts to remain open as much as possible. This decision is the beginning of a lifelong practice of self-investigation and discovery; harmonizing our lives with Universal Energy is a 24/7 practice. It’s not a doing or an attainment of anything; it’s a quieting of our mind which automatically opens our heart.

The lack of love in our lives is what causes our problems. Quieting our mind allows us to understand how this lack overtook us in the first place. The core of our commitment is discovering what caused our lack which in turn kept us from cooperating with life. We now decide to adhere to the rest of the steps and remove these blocks.

This decision will be one that we will need to affirm over and over every day so we can come to understand what closes our heart and takes us out of harmony with life. The most important part of our decision is aligning our will with the Divine Purpose of the Universe. Change does not occur by itself so developing a steady regular practice is how it will happen.

Our decision entails a practice to develop an awareness of what will bring quietness into our life by learning to live in the present moment. This is the place, being present to what’s here, where the quietness begins and where life as-you-know-it ends. Right now the only place the mind lives is in the past or the future, as our mind has been conditioned to think the past or future is better than the present, this is what creates the noise in the head and the closing of our heart. Our whole practice is to learn to be present so our innate goodness is allowed to arise so we’re in harmony with life. 


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