This site has been created to expand and share on some of the insights that led to the writing of It's Monday Only in Your Mind: You Are Not Your Thoughts.

Love Never Harms

From our non loving judgements not only do we harm ourselves, but we affect everyone associated with us because we expose them to the harm of the self serving energy of a non loving judgmental mind.

Understanding our own mind is a must if one is to truly be in harmony with life and with all beings. There isn’t good or bad thinking in the sense of the way good and bad are viewed by most people, it’s good or bad in regards to whether it puts one in harmony with life or not. When your thinking is based in self serving energy there’s not much harmony with anything, especially yourself. You will know when you’re in harmony with yourself because when you are, all you will do is love. There can’t be judgement when you love, nor is there such a thing as the right way or your way when you love, its love’s way, that’s it. When you love, you love, there are no conditions attached, if there are it isn’t love; no matter how you want to justify your judgements, love doesn’t judge.

It’s only in love that a person can experience true freedom and the reason is, love has no bondage, there’s no attachments or conditions. Only true love is unconditional and what this means is to be without judgement. So judge if want, but don’t think for a moment that your judgements are based in love, they are based in the energy of self serving thinking no matter how they’re justified. You aren’t fooling anyone but yourself if you think you can judge and love and understand this, you will suffer much more from the judging than the one who is being judged.

From your non loving judgements you not only do harm to yourself, you affect everyone who associates with you because you expose them to the energy of your self serving judgmental mind. No matter how much it’s justified, this energy causes nothing but harm to all involved. In light of all the harm judging causes, it’s really insane why it’s done, and the real heartache in all of this is the ego wants to justify all our judgements so the self serving Conditioned Mind can remain intact and keep causing the havoc that our non loving judgmental energy causes. Love unconditionally and there won’t be anything to judge and without anything to judge, there wouldn’t be any reason to justify some unloving harmful behavior, now wouldn’t that make our world different. 


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