This site has been created to expand and share on some of the insights that led to the writing of It's Monday Only in Your Mind: You Are Not Your Thoughts.

Freedom From Duality

Life needn’t be all figured out to make sense; what needs to be understood is there’s only one you. This understanding of no dual self goes a long way in establishing freedom from one’s own bondage.

Although I wouldn’t have considered what I went through eight years ago as a blessing, I now see it as so because I have the unique distinction of living two entirely different existences and how because of these dual views my usefulness to God, the Universe, or whatever label is put on it, has transformed me to place I would have never been a part of had this not occurred. What this has availed for me is to see that there are two ways to live life; one is to constantly struggle with life by having an incessant need to arrange things to be a certain way and the other is to live in the freedom of the present moment which is provided by the Universe for its betterment. The two ways are vastly different with the present moment being so much more conducive to life itself.

At one time I was lost, but am now found and things are totally different today. I’ve learned to just do whatever it is that’s in front of me as opposed to living in a state of constant discontentment in the past or future. There’s a certain freedom to being in the moment, as opposed to living the lie that there’s a self (duality) that needs to control things. What happened to me happened, it isn’t special nor does it mean much of anything, but what it did do for me was allow for an awareness of being entrapped in one existence and being free from its bondage in another. And although existence in this form is occurring, it’s not occurring in the way most of my life was spent; conditioned to think there was a self that all this nonsense was happening to, this was my state of duality.

Freedom from the attachment to a self serving dual entity is freedom to do what whatever it is that life provides. This not only takes the guess work out of existence, but it also allows for a modern day miracle of a blind man being given the opportunity to see. No longer am I lost, because there’s no duality to get lost in and no I to be lost, but there is a being that has been provided the blessing and unique distinction of having had two ways to exist and is now being used by the Universe for its betterment, in whatever capacity that may be. 


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