This site has been created to expand and share on some of the insights that led to the writing of It's Monday Only in Your Mind: You Are Not Your Thoughts.

Same Old Results

One can’t change the way life is responded to by using the old tools that are in place. If one truly wants to change their responses to life, a new set of tools will have to be developed.

What one reaches for to respond to life situations is what creates our facade. It’s when we learn to stop reaching and we’re still, that’s what truly defines a person. Here is a very practical explanation of the process of how my life changed and the methods used for it to be possible. I had a normal upbringing and had parents who loved me and gave me all the opportunities a person could have asked for. One of the things I really got in touch with eight years ago, which was the beginning of the end of my old view of life, was while I was in grammar school my conditioning was really taking hold.

The smart kids and the athletic kids were always made out to be special, so where did that leave the so called ordinary kids like me? I wasn’t a bad kid, although my conditioning manifested in behavior issues, like being the class clown or doing things for attention that others didn’t seem to have a need to do, but that was basically the extent of it. This conditioning developed tools that were used to control the way I responded to life occurrences and unless I learned how to use different tools my responses would always be the same. Inwardly things were never going to change unless the tools I used changed. I became aware of this eight years ago.

It’s this awareness that allowed me to go beyond my perceived inadequacies. What happened eight years ago to me is a modern day miracle. Here is an individual who always felt inadequate and struggled with this his entire life and I was now learning how to stop doing this. How was this being done? By changing my view of looking out there for all my answers to one of looking inward. What this did was slowly allowed me to become aware of all the diversions I used throughout my life to create my facade. When you are looking outside to fill an internal need this can’t be seen because of all the outer diversions.

I understood I needed to learn how to use a different set of tools because the ones that were in place didn’t work so well for me; my tools were faulty. So what is a person to do? This is when I discovered it was my own mind that was causing my problems and I started finding a way to change my old tools for new ones; tools that were more beneficial to me. To me the most important tool is the disciplining of an undisciplined mind. Without developing a method to do this, the awareness to notice new tools are needed will not occur. One will stay a self righteous individual who is always right because the outer view always makes others wrong. Without the mind settling, change can’t occur because there won’t be the space needed to allow it to occur.

If the world learned how to do this it would be much different, but instead tools are used to satisfy selfish desires. So everyone has a choice, don’t develop discipline and keep using the tools that are in place, regardless if they are working or not, or develop enough quietness through disciplining an undisciplined mind that allows one to see that a new set of tools will be so much more of a benefit; with the benefit being, there won’t be a dependency on reaching outside for anything for a sense of completeness even though one may not be the smartest or most athletic person in the world. 


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