This site has been created to expand and share on some of the insights that led to the writing of It's Monday Only in Your Mind: You Are Not Your Thoughts.

The Twelve Inch Transition

You can live from your head, but you can only love from your heart. You don’t love in the past or future, you love in the present because the energy of the heart is from what’s occurring right now.

If you sit around waiting for the other shoe to drop it will happen because by expecting it, it’s given the energy it needs to occur. One’s projections eventually become their reality; projections always come from the noise on the head, never from the heart. When one love’s, it’s from the heart and that’s the energy that’ll be emitted out, not the energy of waiting for the other shoe to drop. But that doesn’t mean everyone will love you back, although everyone’s heart is of love, the Conditioned Mind blocks this from being known. It may be known by some in the head, but to truly emit love’s energy to others, it has to be from the heart.

Going from the head to the heart is a very difficult twelve inch transition and it’s the road less travelled. When the idea of love gets stuck as the noise in the head, there’s to much thinking involved and it becomes something other than love. I’m not sure what it is, but I do know when I love it comes from my heart.

Since projections always come from the noise in the head, this creates problems because the mind needs something to do if isn’t trained to be still. The mind that solves problems is the same mind that creates them. If you make it a problem that the other shoe will drop, when it happens (in your head only) it’s your own mind that says, see I told you so, but who is the one being told that? There isn’t separation from the mind, but sometimes it seems that way. When something is done and you say “why did I do that” the mind that told you to do it is the same one that’s making you question yourself. It’s your own mind that makes this happen.

Nothing makes you do anything, but your own mind. You don’t wait for the other shoe to drop without your permission. Your own mind tells you this is what’s going to happen because as the saying goes “if it wasn’t for bad luck I would have no luck at all.” The other shoe will only drop when it’s projected to do so, it never has to drop, but that’s up to way one’s mind is conditioned.

Nothing ever happens in your mind without your permission. When it’s learned to live life from the heart, the noise in the head will no longer be in control. Projecting and waiting for the other shoe to drop won’t happen so you will be free to live your life as intended; from the love in your heart instead of from the mind made nonsense of what’s going on between your ears.

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  1. Love this, time to stop waiting for the shoe to drop!


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