This site has been created to expand and share on some of the insights that led to the writing of It's Monday Only in Your Mind: You Are Not Your Thoughts.

Our Own Magnificence 

Fear isn’t a requirement needed to live life, unless that’s the story one wants to make up. When fear is allowed to relinquish its grip, our own magnificence naturally becomes the controller of our life.

Fear is created, our own magnificence which is love isn’t, so anytime a thought of fear is allowed to fester and become an action, our ability to give and receive love is compromised. In this state there’s no way we can give or receive love because our created fear is blocking the awareness to our own magnificence. When we let go of the thoughts that create fear, the focus naturally returns to love and fear relinquishes its grip because we aren’t giving it anything to adhere to.

To me this fear isn’t natural, it’s a created delusional identity to a fictitious self, this is a self that sees things through a pair of eyes that thinks everything should fit nicely into a created world; fear arises when something threatens this world. The fear is we are going to lose something that we make ourselves believe makes our world right. We form beliefs that reinforce this fear and we live by them. Most fears, even the so called healthy ones are self created to a degree. There may be certain circumstances when some instinctual fear arises, but this doesn’t take thought.

Make up the story that there are healthy fears that are needed to live by, but like I said for me they’re mostly self created by the Conditioned Mind, which only exist to make life fit nicely into a made up world. Today fear isn’t a requirement needed to live my life, unless that’s the story I want to make up. When this was realized I stopped living life through these created fears; as the fear dissipated and manifested less and less, my own magnificence in the form of love naturally took its place. This is what became the base of my life, not because it was something I created, but because I was sitting which allowed my mind to settle, and without the blocks from fear, love arose naturally because this is the way love rolls. 


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