This site has been created to expand and share on some of the insights that led to the writing of It's Monday Only in Your Mind: You Are Not Your Thoughts.

Present Reality

There is no reality in the past, once the present moment passes it becomes a memory. Each moment is new unto itself and though this is the only true reality most people live in an illusionary past.

What happens when you live life from past experiences is you lose touch with what is truly going on; a story is created of the way you think life needs to be in order for it to be deemed successful. If anyone gets in the way of this or disrupts this self created world, they will be dealt with accordingly. And the more one thinks their way is right, the less in touch with reality one will be. One will think the life they’re living is reality, but all the things being held on to will not be taken with you when it’s time to go. One’s happiness is contingent on the story going on in the head so if things are going your way you are happy, but if they aren’t, you’re not.

Here is why this is a problem, the true nature of all of life is change, it will never last being the way one wants it to be for long. And what makes this affect one so much is the constant state of wanting it to be in some past way when life was the way one thought it needed to be. Think about this, life is great when it’s the way we think it should be, but how about when it isn’t. The key is to remain at peace when it isn’t the way one wants it, but this can only be done if the past isn’t being brought into the present. One’s peace is directly related to how much of the past is brought into the present. To much past equates to not enough present so If one is constantly living from past experiences the present experiences that occur in each moment can’t be based in reality (truth). If life is to be real, one will need to stop living in the illusion that there’s a past.

Think of all the past experiences you’ve had in your life and how you already have your mind made up about most of what occurs. Learn to leave the past in the past and this will open your heart to the reality (truth) of the present, which is the only reality there truly is. Or you can continue to make up your reality and live life as if you were a puppet on a string. It’s your choice to live in the past or move on so you can fully live your life in the only place that exist, the present; which is the only true reality there is. 


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