This site has been created to expand and share on some of the insights that led to the writing of It's Monday Only in Your Mind: You Are Not Your Thoughts.

When the mind is settled, there’s freedom because the controlling energy has nothing to attach to. It’s not that we have problems as much as it’s the attachment to problems that have us.

It’s not that we have problems, it’s that our problems have us. It’s never what happens to us that’s the cause of our issues, it’s how we allow what happens to draw us in to control us. What exactly is it that allows the control? The draw is almost unpreventable because of the unawareness of its cause, but the control, now there’s something that can be prevented.

How might you add can something be prevented that you are unaware of? Well the key is in learning to do what’s necessary to allow the mind to settle because what a settled mind will do for you is allow the drawing energy to pass through instead of attaching to it, hence it won’t get to the point where it transformed into controlling energy. After all, any event that’s occurs doesn’t control you, it can’t because it has no energy, yet; when it’s given energy, that’s when it grabs a hold of you. Remember, our natural default energy is stillness, that’s the energy we begin life with, but our attachments transform stillness energy to controlling energy.

So how our problems grab us can be summed up in how we allow events to fester and thus become the energy that controls our life. Positive, negative, to me both can be just as controlling, but quietness, the ever elusive quietness, can’t be controlled because there’s nothing there to attach to. Why do you think it says in the bible to “Be Still” very simple; when there’s nothing to attach to, there’s no controlling energy. Energy always is, one’s life is directed by either the energy of attachment which controls, or the energy of quietness which provides freedom. This is why meditation and concentration are so valuable as a daily practice because discipline will be developed that allows the energy of stillness to be the guiding energy of one’s life. And with stillness as one’s guide, we are given control of the direction of energy so we don’t give the events of our life the energy needed to create problems that have us. So you see there’s no such thing as having a problem, but there is such a thing as a problem having you, but that can only occur if there’s one who is attaching to it. 


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