This site has been created to expand and share on some of the insights that led to the writing of It's Monday Only in Your Mind: You Are Not Your Thoughts.

Aligned With Life

When one is aligned with life it’s because there’s alignment with the present moment. When one is pulled out of alignment, it’s then that the nonsense of the Conditioned Mind begins.

Spirituality isn’t magical, it’s one’s true essence. If one is alive, one is spiritual and whether if there is awareness of this or not it doesn’t take away from the fact that one is spiritual in nature. Lets take a practical approach to spirituality so the blocks to awareness can be narrowed down. Lets look at one of the most common realities of life and to me that would be, everything that happens does so in the present moment. This is such a common reality of life, why is it so hard to live in this moment? We hear it all the time ” live in the now, all we have is now, be present” yet it is so hard to remain present. Why?

What I have found to be the one thing that makes living in the present moment so difficult is one’s inability in keeping the mind aligned with the moment that’s occurring right now. So many things pull one out of alignment and this open the door to whatever conditioning one is prone to do. This conditioning is different for everyone, but the nature of the misalignment is the same. If this misalignment doesn’t occur, the opening to be controlled by the Conditioned Mind would not occur. The misalignment is so subtle and this is what makes it so difficult to be aware of it.

So what can be done to keep one’s mind aligned with the present moment? Tools will have to be developed for this to occur. One tool is the disciplining of an indisciplined mind. The too is learning to sit and be still so the mind settles down. Using certain sayings, be it scripture or some mantra, is another. I like to repeat the saying ” I am not my thoughts” when I am on the threshold of becoming misaligned. Developing a center of being that one can dwell in, as the pull of the conditioning takes more control, is a useful tool.

The point of this is, the mind will not stay aligned to the present moment on its own, there will be a need to develop some method so it becomes the minds default way. It’s only because of the way the mind has been developed to begin with that the misalignment occurs. And understand this, the mind will not become reconditioned on its own, it needs help. It’s in the reconditioning of a settled mind where one becomes aware of their spiritual nature because when one remains in alignment with the present moment, one is aligned with the Universe. If there’s the development of awareness of what takes a person out of alignment with the present moment, it will be discovered what takes one out of alignment with life itself. And when this is discovered the default setting of the mind will be that of one’s true nature of the spirit because it’ll be the only thing that’s in place.

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  1. I love having these moments and try to allow myself the opportunities for them to happen. I call it the Zone.

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