This site has been created to expand and share on some of the insights that led to the writing of It's Monday Only in Your Mind: You Are Not Your Thoughts.

Change is Inevitable

Our life is based on the inevitable fact that “everything changes” and regardless if this fact is accepted or not, it will still happen. Resistance to change is where one’s problem lies.

Everything changes, understanding this one phrase helps one understand one of the most important aspects of life. The more one is resistant to change, the more discontented one will be because of the nature of things. Change has been occurring since life began. From the day it starts we are moving closer to the day it will end, it’s just the way it is. This is an inevitable part of life, it’s not good or bad it’s just the way it is. Nothing you do will change this, it’s the circle of life. Life in this form begins, you live however long and then this form dies. It’s the process of this life and no one escapes it. This is a freeing realization, what are you holding onto that you think is so important, because in the end, all shall pass away.

Anything can happen at anytime, it’s not that this is the cause of one’s issue, wanting the change to happen and then when it does, resisting it is where our issues arise from. So it isn’t a matter of pulling away and resisting what happens, it’s learning to not hold on to it to begin with. This is easier said then done because of the lack of discipline of a Conditioned Mind. But this not holding on to something so change can transpire, is where our freedom lies. The tighter one’s hold on to resisting the change, the tighter will be the chains that imprison you.

Understand nothing stays the same, ever. Our life is constantly changing, so why resist something that’s going to happen anyway. You can want something to stay as it is, but that will not stop it from changing. You can go to the gym to keep your body a certain way, but eventually your body will change, no matter how hard you work out. There’s nothing wrong with working out hard, just understand one day your body will not be the way it is now. If you can’t accept this, you will have a difficult time. You can substitute the working out with anything. How about losing your hair, or getting older looking, or getting sick, or having a loved one get sick or die with or without warning. This list can go on forever, you get the point.

Change happens all the time, it’s inevitable, acceptance of it is optional, so is the suffering that goes along with this, it’s also optional, but you will have to make the decision on whether you will resist change or if you will come to an understanding that “everything changes” and there isn’t a damn thing you can do that will stop it from happening; no matter how much you try to resist it. Change is a natural part of life, it’s inevitable it will happen and unless it’s resisted, you can remain free as if the change had never occurred. But it will take an understanding that “everything changes” no matter how much one doesn’t want it to be so.


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