This site has been created to expand and share on some of the insights that led to the writing of It's Monday Only in Your Mind: You Are Not Your Thoughts.

Heart Guidance

To live from the heart is to live a life that’s guided by love. To live from the head is to live a life guided by struggles. So Love because it’s the only way one won’t struggle.

I know we have all heard an expression at one time or another about ” living life from the heart” but what exactly does this mean, especially since everything seems to come from the head. This is just my understanding of living from the heart, but it’s tried and tested and it works for me. A perfect example of this is what is currently happening in my life.

A while back there was a newspaper article published for my book. Of course the head wants to take all the credit for this and make it all about me; this is of the ego and this is what ego’s do. So if one is not totally aware of this, the ego takes a hold of the situation and does exactly what it exist for, to make everything about me. But to live from the heart is to have a clear understanding of this, which leads to the understand who and what we truly are. See the reality of any situation below the surface of all the pomp and circumstance created by the ego. In this situation, for the heart to remain in the forefront, the main focus of energy has to always be on the message and never on the messenger. We cannot get caught up in pomp and circumstance of any situation. To be of the heart is to allow Universal Energy to be the master of the situation. And this is true no matter what the situation is, my book is only the tool, it can be substituted with anything, its message though is to be an instrument of Love.

The hearts message will always have love as its base. That’s how one knows it’s from the heart. The heads message will always have some self satisfaction as its base. This is key if we are to have love as life’s base, so we can spread those seeds of Love. Our heart is our center of Being. You can be alive without a mind, it would be a state of vegetation, but you would still be alive. But it’s impossible to be alive without the heart. It’s at the very core of existence, and yet we live mostly from our head (our ego). If most of your decision come from your head, than most of your life will be lived as a struggle. It’s the absence of Love that makes life a struggle, and when it’s lived from the head it’s the cause of this absence. So learn the difference between the head and the heart, and see the difference it makes as to whether your life is lived from a place of love or not. It’s in our heart that love (God) dwells and it’s in our head that our struggles dwell.

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