This site has been created to expand and share on some of the insights that led to the writing of It's Monday Only in Your Mind: You Are Not Your Thoughts.

Awareness of Life’s Laws

All of life is subjected to the laws that are in place, nothing just happens. Without awareness of this, it’ll be difficult to be in touch with what’s truly going on in the moment in which it occurs.

Driving along leisurely going to my destination, on the side of the road was one of those radar devices that tells you how fast you are going. I was going 5 miles over the speed limit so I instantly slowed down to the posted limit. Prior to coming upon the radar device I was semi aware of the posted limit and how fast I was going, but once I saw the device it took away any unawareness I had of the situation. That is the importance of awareness in our daily living because without it, it will be very difficult to know what is truly going on.

I knew I was driving just as we know we are living, but most of the time there’s an unawareness of what is truly going on. There’s a need to become more Present if one is to become more aware and make the necessary changes so there is alignment to life’s laws more often than not. This will insure one is doing what needs to be done to live life in peace and harmony with all beings. Without awareness it’s so difficult to be in touch with what is truly going in the exact moment in which it’s occurring .

There’s so much freedom in this realization because it’s ones I that keep one unaware. Without the attachment to I (which is the creator of all one’s mind chatter and problems) the true self which is beyond I is allowed to be. In this being is where there’s peace; a peace that passes all understanding. This peace can not be known when one is unaware their mind is in control, creating mind chatter and all our so called problems. When one is aware of this realization it’s then that the mind chatter quiets down and there’s alignment with life’s laws more often than not. This isn’t done so when one dies a better seat in heaven can be gotten, no this is done so while one is alive the best seat in the house can be gotten here on earth.

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