This site has been created to expand and share on some of the insights that led to the writing of It's Monday Only in Your Mind: You Are Not Your Thoughts.

The Internal Light of Life

The internal light of the heart is one’s connection to life. The only reason there’s not awareness of this is because it’s looked for externally. The light is always on, one only needs to look inward to notice.

The internal light of our heart needs to be found so the dark places of the mind dissipate. The light is always on just waiting to dispel darkness, it never goes out, but when one lives from the mind, the thought realm is allowed to take over and it becomes very difficult to notice the light. This light within is one’s connection to life. And it can only be noticed by looking for it internally. This is the only way for the light will be exposed. One cannot expose the light externally regardless of what’s used because the base of the external is where the darkness comes from. So look within because where there is light darkness can’t exist.

Darkness needs to be understood if one is to see the light. So what is darkness? I myself would not label it as evil, but more so an unconscious state of mind. This is the world of the external answer and as long as one’s answers are sought externally, darkness remains. Darkness creates a world that’s mind based and this is what blocks one from noticing the light. It doesn’t allow for the pure essence of the life to be recognized. It holds onto the belief that life is to be managed by using external things so it can be a certain way, but even if this certain way is gotten, darkness remains because it’s mind based.

Light on the other hand is internal which is of the heart. Awareness of this dispels the darkness without effort. As it is when one enters a room and turns on the light, the darkness is no more. That’s all that’s needed, the light needs to be turned on. Light will always dispel darkness, unless there’s a burnt out bulb, the source of light is still there, it just doesn’t have the ability to shine. This is one’s true path, to make sure the light is always lit regardless of the surrounding darkness. And as one’s light remains lit, more people from the darkness will see it and be drawn to it. When this occurs it keeps on drawing others to it as the light keeps expands. Maybe just maybe one day one light at a time, there won’t be any darkness left to dispel because all there will be is light. 


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