This site has been created to expand and share on some of the insights that led to the writing of It's Monday Only in Your Mind: You Are Not Your Thoughts.

No One Truly Lacks

Everything reached for is a coping mechanism one has been conditioned to use to fulfill some created lack within. The core of all reaching is the same, it arises from a lack of love of oneself.

For many years I didn’t care whether I lived or died and I actually welcomed death indirectly. Why else would one immerse themselves in the use of alcohol, drugs and many other self destructive behaviors? But a little over eight years ago real answers were revealed to me that changed all this. It’s heart breaking to see the suffering going on in our world, especially because it doesn’t have to be. Some of it can’t be helped because of mental issues, but most of it is self inflicted because of the lack created by one not understanding their own mind, which makes for a mind state that’s has to constantly reach for something to satisfy a desire for pleasure.

This desire for pleasure is why everything is done, EVERYTHING, from watching or playing sports, talking about others, committing crimes, committing to a cause, having an ice cream cone, meditation, murder, rape, substance abuse, and so on, nothing would be done if some form of pleasure wasn’t attached to it. Even suicide is a desire for pleasure; an escape from pain, but don’t put suicide in a separate category, it’s no different than using anything else; except the outcome is much more devastating, but the reason why it’s done is the same as everything else.

Everything reached for is a coping mechanism one has been conditioned to use, and although using something different will produce different outcomes, the core of all reaching is the same, it arises from a lack of love of oneself. This lack is what causes one to seek pleasure, the lack isn’t real but the Conditioned Mind makes one believe it is and the ensuing behavior manifest accordingly to fill the lack. The Conditioned Mind says, Hey, you have lack, reach for something to fill it, and according to what you have in place that will be what you reach for; sit and ponder this for awhile.

Whether what’s reached for is drugs, alcohol, gambling, suicide, sex, success, God, self help programs, therapy, verbally or physically abusing others, being right, having a purpose, or anything else one’s conditioning conjures up, until this lack is understood and the diabolical Conditioned Mind is seen for what it truly is, suffering will remain and one will always have a need to reach for something to fulfill a created desire for pleasure. There’s nothing inherently wrong with pleasure, but when it’s the driving force of one’s existence, it will keep one’s mind in a constant state of agitation.

This cannot be seen by a mind that’s locked in a state of creating lack, it will take a quiet state to become aware of this. The reason why anything is reached for is because one thinks there’s a need for the present moment to be different; this is the greatest lie of the Conditioned Mind. For those who are aware of this, there’s an obligation, not a purpose, to share this message. Just understand one can’t give away what they don’t possess and unless more people wake up to the true cause of why things are as they are, things will remain the same because pleasure seeking will remain as the driving force behind one’s actions.

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