This site has been created to expand and share on some of the insights that led to the writing of It's Monday Only in Your Mind: You Are Not Your Thoughts.

Quenching Our Thirst

Reaching out there for something will never quench the thirst of our heart because what’s out there isn’t of the heart and since the source of our thirst is inward it can’t be quenched by looking at a bottle of water.

Until the unconscious mind awakens to its own consciousness it’s nearly impossible to change any habitual behavior that’s locked firmly in place. We’re caught in a trap created by our own mind to look for something which is already within us; the trap is our answers are in the form of something out there. Whatever is reached for from out there will never satisfy what is missing within, even God is a make believe concept when it’s formed as something out there. Anything used from out there will not give the answers that are being searched for because a thirst can’t be quenched by just looking at a bottle of water, one must drink it. Out there will never quench the thirst of our heart and until one develops a practice of going inward to the heart itself, one’s thirst will remain.

The value of going inward is second to none because it frees one from the trap of reaching out there. So by going inward a reservoir of truth is tapped into and one’s thirst gets quenched. Its not that a person doesn’t keep on learning and expanding, but it’s not a search, it’s an internal knowing that you’re complete right here right now and nothing will add to that completeness. Only when one has a view of looking out there can there be incompleteness and it’s this view that causes one to be trapped. What’s reached for doesn’t matter, it’s the out there view that’s at the core of why we think we need to search for anything to begin with.

Nothing and I mean nothing from out there will ever quench one’s thirst, not any substance, money, a better job, a program, a more understanding spouse, vacation, retirement, or whatever it is that’s being reached for and used from out there, again not even the make believe concept of God. I know we like to call this faith, but if it isn’t factual, POW it’s made up; sit with that. If you want your life to be based in something made up that’s your choice, but just understand you will remain thirsty and that’s one of the reasons why. So if you ever want to break free from the out there trap, at some point in your life you will have to start looking inward where you answers have always been. Its just that your developed view of life has kept you thirsty which keeps you in the created trap that your answers are out there somewhere. 


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