This site has been created to expand and share on some of the insights that led to the writing of It's Monday Only in Your Mind: You Are Not Your Thoughts.

The Roller Coaster Mind 

Happy thoughts, not so happy thoughts, attachment to either one allows our emotions to push the start button for the roller coaster mind to begin its ride. If the start button wasn’t pushed, there wouldn’t be a ride.

I know we all like our happy thoughts and we like to identify them as who we are, but what of those not so happy thoughts, we know we don’t want them and we definitely don’t want them to be who we are, but understand this they are no different than our happy thoughts. All thoughts are energy in its purest form, their transforming affect is caused by the attachment to them. They affect our life differently dependent on the energy they’re given. If you want to identify yourself with your happy thoughts you have to identify yourself with the not so happy ones also. But what would happen if you identified with neither, where would that leave you? Sit with that.

In the thoughtless realm there’s no right, wrong, good, bad, like, dislike, anger, calm, happy, sad, and so on, there’s only the everlasting abiding peace of non judgment of each precious moment that one is alive. Emotions are what controls the way that one is pulled around when they’re attached to. They still occur without attachment, they just don’t control you. It’s strictly the attachment to them that gives a thought the energy that makes life the roller coaster existence that most people experience.

When something happens in life and an emotion is attached to it, the ride begins. Up, down, round and round, loop the loop, fast, slow, and when it finally runs its course the ride stops, that is until the next emotion pushes the start button again. Our thoughts aren’t in control until the start button of emotion is pushed. A thought is a thought is a thought. There’s no substance to it until it’s attached to, but it’s not the thought that is given control, it’s the attachment, because without the attachment the thought wouldn’t be able to transform its energy. The thought of the roller coaster starting does not start it. The thought can be there all day long, but that doesn’t push the start button, it’s strictly the attachment to the thought that starts the ride and puts the emotions in motions.

Stay with me on this, our thoughts are like electricity and this is the energy provided to run the roller coaster. But it’s just there, like a light that’s plugged in but isn’t turned on. So now depending on how one is conditioned, but regardless of the nature of the thought, when there’s attachment to the thought, the start button is pushed and the roller coaster begins moving. It has been provided with the energy to set it in motion and it will now have to run its course. You pushed the start button so you will have to endure the consequences of this. Some roller coaster are larger, faster and scarier than others, and which ride one is on depends on the way they’re conditioned. No one but you are responsible for starting this ride, so if you don’t want to constantly be controlled by the roller coaster mind, you will need to understand you’re not your happy thoughts and you’re not the not so happy thoughts and with this understanding, you just may learn how not to push your roller coaster minds start button. 


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