This site has been created to expand and share on some of the insights that led to the writing of It's Monday Only in Your Mind: You Are Not Your Thoughts.

Quietness Unites 

If one is guided by the noise in the head, one’s life will be of noise. Only in quietness can there be peace and only when there’s peace can one’s life be guided by the love that comes from the heart.

Quietness isn’t a place to get to, it’s what’s here. There’s nothing to attain, nor is there a place to go. If a label needs to be attached to it then that’s not it. It’s the present moment, and it’s every moment. It’s nothing in particular, but it’s everything. Quietness is and without it nothing would be. But these are just words trying to describe something that can only be experienced. You cannot hold it, it actually holds you in the sense it will engulf your entire being. It isn’t something to touch, taste, see, or feel, but it’s always there.

Everything arises from quietness. If a ruler is slapped on a table, does not the noise come from quietness? Quietness is the true nature of all existence, it’s only we who make it noisy. It’s by what goes on between our ears that quietness isn’t understood, but it doesn’t mean it isn’t there. It’s the essence of existence, even the noise in the head comes from quietness. Quietness is our natural state of being. Our unnatural state is the noise of the Conditioned Mind. This conditioning separates us from each other because we are all conditioned differently. When we are in a state of quietness we are united because there is nothing there that makes us different. Quietness is quietness, it’s the same for all of us.

When quietness is experienced, peace is experienced and where there’s peace, there’s love. This is what quietness allows, but the mind will not get quiet on its own. It will take a change of heart for this to occur and it will only occur when there’s the understanding that what goes on between your ears is nothing but noise. It’s this awareness that allows one to see that they’re not quiet.

The first step in any change is becoming aware that something needs changing. If this awareness doesn’t occur than neither will the change. If one isn’t aware that something is broke it will not be known there’s something in need of repair. To understand quietness, is to understand love and if you think there’s something other love that needs to be understood, maybe there’s something broke that’s in need of repair. 


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  1. People dwell in concepts and the whole point of existence ends where seeking an answer externally begin. If we realize the essence of existence within ourselves, not intellectually but fundamentally, we are at peace right then.

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