This site has been created to expand and share on some of the insights that led to the writing of It's Monday Only in Your Mind: You Are Not Your Thoughts.

Are You Seeing Truth?

What you see is what you get, but is what you are seeing truth? Things on the surface are never as they appear, but without truth what’s on the surface is the only thing that’s seen.

Most people live the greater part of their lives as surface dwellers, meaning they never going below the surface to notice what the purpose of existence is. If you weren’t taught to look for this, it won’t be seen. But what happens when the time comes to go below the surface? What is it that’s discovered and why is it so difficult to go below this surface living?

When one starts the process of going deeper than what’s on the surface, what’s discovered is truth. A truth that isn’t noticed when surface living. This is why everyone has their own opinion about everything, because it’s all part of the delusion of living strictly on the surface instead of below it. Take the worse tyrants ever, if you examine them you’ll find they thought what they were seeing was truth. One of the main issues with surface living is truth of existence remains unknown. Something will be made up by the Conditioned Mind, but unfortunately it will only be a conditioned truth. To learn truth, a deeper understanding of existence is needed. But truth revealed is not what one expects, because what’s expected is on the surface.

When a person begins to understand truth, life is understood like never before. There’s freedom because the concepts and beliefs made up that life has to be a certain way, cease. What truth reveals is, life only has to be the way that it is, it doesn’t have to be anyway else. The intended purpose of knowing truth doesn’t make it about some mystical discovery, it doesn’t make it about anything, truth revealed is being with what is. There isn’t anything else but what is, and regardless if you believe this or not, there’s what is and nothing else.

Our surface living doesn’t allow truth to be revealed, so we believe so much without investigation. This keeps one locked in ignorance. This is our prison, and only truth will set you free. Understand it’s the Conditioned Mind that doesn’t want truth to be revealed, because that will be the cause of its demise. You cannot be controlled and know truth at the same time, so understanding this is imperative to stop surface living and break free of our conditioned thinking. When you cease being controlled by the Conditioned Mind, you will cease putting conditions on the way life has to be. And when this truth is revealed, it’ll be because one sees the lies on the surface and stops living there.

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