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Love Doesn’t Prevent Hate

Unfortunately love doesn’t prevent unloving things from happening, but what it does do is allow the one with a loving heart to not be diminished by someone else’s unloving behavior.

Not one ounce of love would have stopped any of the wars, tyrannies, abuses, murders, riots, deceit, lies, or any other atrocity that has occur since the beginning of humanity. Love has changed many individuals because that’s the nature of love, but it only changes those that are open to it. Although love is the most powerful transforming energy there is, it cannot change a person one iota if that person is blind to it; love transforms the one who loves.

When someone writes and post something on the internet about love, many times a follow up post from someone else will say something like “tell that to someone who was abused in their life” but what’s misunderstood above love is it doesn’t prevent hate, it only allows the one who loves not to hate. Love also doesn’t prevent unloving things from happening, it allows one with a loving heart to not be diminished by someone else’s unloving behavior.

If one’s heart is of love, things done will be of love, but if it isn’t, unfortunately the things done will be unloving, this is the way it has to be. How can it not? You can be the most loving person in the world and it won’t stop unloving things from happening to you. Jesus was the perfect example of this. According to the bible, love was his very essence; as it is ours. To this day no one has given humanity a better example how to love, but this didn’t stop those who were void of love from killing him in the most brutal of ways. Their blindness didn’t allow them to see the love in Jesus’s heart so they reacted with hate because that’s what was there. And although Jesus loved them as he stated while dying on the cross “Forgive them for they know not what they do” he did this so his heart remained pure and connected to the father. Love is truly all you need, but one will only know this if it’s in your heart. 


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  1. Thank you for your insight! I also believe that with this love should come forgiveness. It falls in line with your position that love will only be as effective as the person receiving it; however, that is not what motivtes us who are expressing this love. That is where much of the true healing comes not to the person being forgiven, but for those that are forgiving. Those who can lovingly forgive will benefit by being healed. Just my .02!

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