This site has been created to expand and share on some of the insights that led to the writing of It's Monday Only in Your Mind: You Are Not Your Thoughts.

Doing What’s Practiced

One can only become the sum total of the training in place that’s practiced throughout their life. And the base of what’s practiced determines the reactions one has to daily occurrences.

When an animal has training in place that’s practiced over and over to respond to things in certain ways, there really should be no surprise when they do what’s expected because that’s what they’ve been practicing to do. It’s this way for just about every living creature, including humans. Athletes, singers, bands, writers, actors, people in general, and on and on, practice, practice, practice, all to make what they’re doing second nature so their thoughts about what their doing don’t get in the way. That’s the advantage of practicing, things become automatic.

Every reaction in life is a result of what’s in place and what’s in place is there because of what’s practice. It may not be a conscious practice, but if it’s done over and over, regardless if one is aware of it or not, it’s a practice. Our world is the way it is because very few people have a devoted practice in place that’s based in love. I don’t mean a flip flop love, love some, judge others, I mean pure love of the heart that doesn’t ever come into question. And because love isn’t practiced from the time one’s existence begins, it doesn’t become the way a person reacts to things more often than not.

Think about your reactions and see how automatic most of them are; this is because it’s what’s practiced. This isn’t to point out if your reactions are of love or not, it’s to possibly allow you to see how you can only be the sum total of the training in place that’s practiced, and if that practice isn’t to love than how in the world can your reactions be of love!!! This is something to sit with so you can become aware of your reactions and see how they’re in place because of the training you’ve been practicing. And if by chance there’s an inkling your reactions need to be different, the training in place will have to be practiced differently.

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