This site has been created to expand and share on some of the insights that led to the writing of It's Monday Only in Your Mind: You Are Not Your Thoughts.


Although people may have similar experiences, no two people see things the same. So since we’re all different, the only way we’ll ever get along is when love is seen as what we have in common.

We should make it our credo to always be tolerant of others only because we don’t like it when someone isn’t tolerant of us. We all go through our life and do the best we can with our developed tools. No two lives are the same so we all live life differently because our experiences are different. And because someone has different experiences, that doesn’t make one right and one wrong. The point being everyone has a right to their own life, and their own experiences, but no one can tell another they’re truly wrong because no two lives are the same.

No one knows what I went through to be as I am today, as I don’t know what anyone else went through. We’ve all had many experiences to develop whatever it is we have in place so we are as we are. And because no two lives go through the same thing, we’re all different. So know one is more right than the next person. Here is the key and this is so very important, love is the message we should be focused on and the one that should be shared.

If experience teaches one to let go of the little you and love then there’s an obligation to share this message, but it’s what will be shared anyway because it’s what will be there, but if it’s not there it can’t be shared. So when someone does something that you don’t deem appropriate maybe they’re just doing what is known. We should all be more tolerant of others because from my experience when a person doesn’t act in a manner conducive to love, there is immense suffering. Whether there’s awareness of this or not it doesn’t make it any less so. So being intolerant of others just adds suffering to the situation, theirs and our own.

When something is done by someone that isn’t liked, simply ask yourself if you truly know the person. Even if someone reads my book they don’t really know me. They know what happened to me, but how it affected me is known only to me. So don’t be to harsh when someone does something, walk away. Treat others how you want to be treated. Don’t add to their suffering by being intolerant because they’re probably doing the best they can with the tools they have in place. Everyone is the cause of their own suffering, what happens doesn’t cause it, the perspective in place does. I know it’s not easy to see things in this way, but what happens when there’s intolerance of others is one causes their own suffering.

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