This site has been created to expand and share on some of the insights that led to the writing of It's Monday Only in Your Mind: You Are Not Your Thoughts.

Processed Results 

Love is the underling base of the process of life, but if our agenda is something different our individual process will result in something different. Our actions are only a reflection of our processed agenda.

Process – A series of actions, changes, or functions bringing about a result.

Although our happiness is the result of our process to live our life from love, how does this actually occur? Every thought or action that has been produced up to this exact point in our life has been done because our life has been processed to produce the results, which manifest in our actions. What you do, say, think, and feel is the way you have processed your life. You cannot process life from a self serving perspective and the resulted actions be based in love.

The process of life is independent of human action, it occurs regardless of what we do, but our individual process directly affects where our life’s base is derived from and the actions we produce. Life’s process is not our process, it goes on regardless if we are here or not, but our process is a part of life’s process, there is no separation, because our life is a result of life’s process. This needs to be understood if our energy is to truly be transformed to cultivate love. The only reason it is isn’t understood is because we think our process is separate from life’s.

Sit with this and in quietness you will understand why you and your life are the way it is. Life doesn’t label you as anything, this is your process that does this. The label you attach, you make it who you are, life doesn’t do this, your conditioned process does this. But is isn’t who you really are, it just the way your process has molded and shaped you? The base of life’s process is love and love alone, life has no other agenda. The base of an individuals process is shaped and molded by their Conditioned Mind and there are many different agendas. If there wasn’t any conditioning than our individual process would be in total alignment with life’s process and every one of our actions would be a result from the process of love. But unfortunately this is not the case, because we think our process is different than life’s process. We have different agendas than to just be an instrument of love. When we understand life’s process is also our process, love will be the base of our process. And with love being the base of our process, this will result in love being at the core of our actions.

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