This site has been created to expand and share on some of the insights that led to the writing of It's Monday Only in Your Mind: You Are Not Your Thoughts.

A Split Second Pause 

A split second pause is all that’s needed for the Universe to connect with the love of one’s heart. This split second pause is how the energy of love will make the entire world different.

If it was possible to pause before every response the world would be so different. Sit with this pause and envision it. I know my conditioned responses have led to most of the problems I had with people and with life itself. Life and people do their thing and I respond in a split second, but today the responses are much more conducive to harmony because there is usually a split second in between the response and my reaction. It wasn’t always this way and it isn’t this way all the time, but it’s becoming more and more the way of many of my reactions because of this split second pause when something happens. Like I said not always, but more than ever.

This is happening because of the discipline that’s being developed by sitting. What this does is stop the Conditioned Mind Patterns from their automatic responses that are based in the self serving mind. This split second pause allows for the possibility of those patterns to be broken. When this occurs it opens the heart to the truth that sets one free. This is the truth that Jesus spoke of; a split second is all it takes. A split second is all that’s needed for the Universe to connect with the love in one’s heart to make the view of one’s entire existence different; this is available to anyone who has a notion that maybe being self serving isn’t the most beneficial way to live.

One’s self serving reactions will not fall away on their own, it will take much sitting to develop the necessary discipline for a split second pause to occur. But understand this, all it takes is a split second for not only one’s existence to become different, but also the entire world. When one’s responses to life are from this split second pause, they arise from the energy of love and slowly but surely the world will respond with love. This has to occur, it’s the law of love and all it takes is a split second.

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