This site has been created to expand and share on some of the insights that led to the writing of It's Monday Only in Your Mind: You Are Not Your Thoughts.

Imperfect Perfection 

There’s an underlining perfection to life that never changes. It’s the Conditioned Mind that makes this perfection difficult to see and until this is realized one’s life will remain imperfect.

Life is perfect just as it is and unless this is realized it will need to be different, making it imperfect. But no matter what one thinks needs to be different to make it perfect, its underlining perfection never changes. No matter what the outer circumstances are or what one thinks they need to be, the true essence of a perfect reality lies beneath the surface of what is occurring.

What is an occurrence, but just something that happens, but once it happens it’s over and done with. The only place it survives is in the mind of those who are involved in the occurrence. It’s kept alive in history books, in the media, and newspaper articles, but the reality of every occurrence is once it happens it’s over and done with. I know some tragic things happen in everyone’s life, but (and I know this is difficult to grasp) once it occurs it’s over and done with and the only place it means something is in one’s own mind.

One will make up any story that’s needed, but life is always perfect as it is. It’s not that the things occurring are perfect, it’s the underlining perfection that everything arises from that’s perfect. The conditioning of some cause great harm to others, it’s truly heart breaking, but this doesn’t take away from the underlining perfection of life. We say things like “lest we forget” without the understanding that we allow situations that caused and are causing suffering to continue to control us by doing this. We allow situations to take us from our place of peace. We give situations and people people control long after the tragedies are over and done with. And the media is one of the largest contributors in keeping this control in place. Their focus is on what sells, not the underlining reality of life, which is peace, but because peace doesn’t sell, there’s no focus on it.

Please do not think I am insensitive to the realities of life and the suffering that tragedies cause, it’s just that I understand once things happen they are over and done with. Our love for people never wanes. Love last forever, that is part of the underlining perfection of life, as long as one doesn’t allow the occurrences to go beyond their life span. After they occur let them be over and done with so the trace energy attached to the occurrence will not be allowed to control you. Your mind is your instrument, you will either learn to play it or you will be played by it. And the more it plays you the more the lifespan of every occurrence will last far longer than is necessary, which will cause one to suffer because the underling perfection of life will not be realized.

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