This site has been created to expand and share on some of the insights that led to the writing of It's Monday Only in Your Mind: You Are Not Your Thoughts.

Beloved Attention 

One’s difficulties aren’t from life, they arise from what’s paid attention to. Attention can be given to the beloved or selfishness; this is what dictates one’s actions and how life unfolds.

Life can be lived in one of two ways and the one that’s paid attention to is the one which will dictate whether a person gets the maximum fulfillment out of their given life. Life can’t give what one isn’t in alignment to receive so if it’s based in a selfish manner it will be filled with many difficulties. But understand the difficulties aren’t from life they’re from yourself. They are derived from what one pays attention to.

No matter what one may think the right thing to do is or how many good deeds are thought to be needed, it will not result in getting a better seat in heaven or moving up on the angelic chain of command. None of them will provide maximum fulfillment because they’re a doing that’s derived from selfishness. You may say I don’t know you so how can I say that, but I do know me and I understand whenever my deeds are of my doing, they’re being done for some ulterior motive that’s derived from selfishness. And the only way they can’t be selfish is if I’m paying attention to the beloved and assisting the beloved in the capacity that’s for the betterment of the Universe.

This isn’t a doing it’s allowing the beloved Universe to be one’s guide. It’s the only way the heart can be open enough not to be selfish. Do you think someone like Mother Teresa thought her assistance to others was a doing? Without doing allows the freedom to be empty enough not to be selfish. Whenever you do you are entrapped to your little self, which is selfishness. So life is dictated by what one pays attention to and it will either be the beloved Universe or it will be selfishness and the one you choose will determine if one’s life is lived to its maximum fulfillment.

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