This site has been created to expand and share on some of the insights that led to the writing of It's Monday Only in Your Mind: You Are Not Your Thoughts.

Turning on the Light

Darkness occurs because there’s no source of light. Darkness of the night isn’t the same as the darkness of the heart. When this difference is understood, the night will still be dark, but the heart will have a source of light.

Can you see what is beyond the darkness of the world of thought into the realm of the thoughtless, where there is only light? This light is the silence that surrounds one all the time, but because of the world of thought, which manifest as noise, it isn’t noticed. There are different kinds of darkness that fill life, there’s darkness that’s needed for rest, there’s darkness for things to arise (silence), and there’s darkness that blocks out one’s source of light. This darkness is of the heart, the thought realm, the world of noise. This darkness blinds one from the love that is in the heart. In this darkness is what can be called evil, but only in the sense that in and of itself it blocks out one’s source of light. There are many ways to block the light, the tools used by darkness are greed, envy, pride, jealousy, hate, delusion, anger, self loathing, to name a few. There is only one way to see the light, but it’s more powerful then all the tools of darkness combined. Light will always overtake darkness as long as there’s a source and the source to the light is love.

How the light is allowed to shine is by removing the darkness. It’s like when entering a dark room, all you need to do is find a source of light, turn it on, and the darkness disappears. Darkness can’t sustain itself where there is light. The two can’t coexist at the same time. There will always be one or the other. So when it’s learned what causes one’s darkness and as these things are removed, the light will shine more and more. Eventually there will only be light in the sense of bringing love into the world.

The light of the world is the love of the world and when this light shines, darkness can’t exist. So when the things that block the light are removed, the things that block love are removed and when this occurs the only thing that will be left is love. This in turn makes one a light unto a world that has way to much darkness. So find your source and be a light unto yourself and you’ll be a light to all beings. If they want to remain in darkness that will be up to them, but at least you are giving them a source of light, which is the love that’s in your heart.

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