This site has been created to expand and share on some of the insights that led to the writing of It's Monday Only in Your Mind: You Are Not Your Thoughts.

Conditioned Self Limits 

Free will means there’s a choice and although it seems like one chooses what they do, one is mostly controlled by the conditioned self. When this conditioned self is in control, there’s no free will because there’s no choice.

If one ever truly wants freedom from the conditioned self it has to be understood. Maybe not totally, but enough to understand it’s not or never was your true self. So what does this really mean and why do we give this conditioned self so much power? It’s mostly through ignorance that this is done. So let’s took a look at some of the behavior of this conditioned self. We want things our way, we judge everyone including ourselves, unless things go our way we are agitated, we use and hold on to outer things to fill inner desires. We want, want, want.

We regret our past like we really had free will not to behave in the the way that we did, we need things to make us happy, but actually things control our emotions and keeps up from emotional maturity. These are some of the things of the conditioned self. The dilemma is how is one to get a true perspective of this so they can let go of the conditioned self and grow in the love of our creator?

So the conditioned self thinks the world as it is seen is what life is about and this has to be smashed if one is to be truly free. One method I that has worked is to sit as much as possible to develop the necessary discipline to take away the control of the conditioned self. It’s not really taught about the conditioned self and how it controls life, not because one wants it to, but because that’s what’s there. One can’t act in any other way because there’s no other way to act.

This is so important to understand because it allows one to see there’s another way that one can be. Seeing this is the catalyst that urges one to look for something else. The something else turns out to be the bigger picture, so the more one is focused on that the less the voice of the conditioned self is heard. The less that voice is heard, the less it controls it has and the more the bigger picture of creation is in control.

The bigger picture is never about an individual. There’s very little control over anything in life and that’s okay because needing control locks one into the idea of a conditioned world. So if one ever wants to be truly free, the conditioned self will have to take a backseat to the bigger picture, which has the possibility of infinite creativity that one’s conditioned self could never imagine. So don’t limit the unlimited by being controlled by a conditioned self that has nothing to do with life except in the conditioned world.

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