This site has been created to expand and share on some of the insights that led to the writing of It's Monday Only in Your Mind: You Are Not Your Thoughts.

Constantly In Motion

When one truly awakens, it’s to the energy of love which is of one universal heart. This love lives on in those who are touched by it forever because this is the way love works.

There’s one thing that is guaranteed in life and that is nothing stays the same. Everything is constantly in motion whether this is realized or not. Last year a person I have known since Kindergarten passed away. His existence no longer met conditions to sustain life in his current form, so he passed on to wherever it is that one passes on to. He’s the first of a childhood group of friends to die and although I know death is a part of life, it just seems to push mortality a little more to the forefront, especially when I knew the person for most of my life. From the time our existence begins, to the time it ends, life is in a constant state of flux, until one day all motion as this body knows it, stops. This is part of the process of existence in this form, it’s not personal, it just is.

It may seem as though life becomes stagnant at times, but it’s only the mind that makes this so. It’s impossible for anything associated with life to be stagnant. Our cells are in constant flux as is the Universe and when one realizes this, life is lived anew in each moment because life IS anew in each moment. It’s only the Conditioned Mind that wants life to be put in a box of space and time because this is what it uses to try to make sense of things.

Today if you are alive you are dying, but also, today if you are alive you are living. Stagnation creates death, there’s not much life in the Dead Sea. But a sea fed by rivers that flow through is full of life. Our dear friend Joe has passed on, but he will not be remembered in death, he will be remembered in life because of the flow of love from his heart. When one comes to an understanding that it’s only the body that stops functioning, one awakens to the energy of love because it’s the connection to the Universal heart. No one truly ever dies, we all live on in those who are touched by our love forever, not for any other reason except that this is the way love works.

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