This site has been created to expand and share on some of the insights that led to the writing of It's Monday Only in Your Mind: You Are Not Your Thoughts.

Being Human is Spiritual 

To understand spirituality one’s humanness must be embraced because it’s in being human that one is of the spirit. Without feet of clay there would be no one there to connect to the soul.

For me the difficult part of grasping what it means to live a spiritual life was I thought it was something that was mystical, out there somewhere, but I have since discovered that to be of the spirit one must first be in touch with their humanness. I’m a son, brother, uncle, husband, father, a worker amongst workers, a friend, etc. I work for a living and am responsible to my employer. I own a home and I enjoy watching sports, playing golf, and writing. In short what I am saying is to be of the spirit I have to embrace my humanness as it’s the manifestation of my existence. I can only be what I am so being human isn’t something to be ignored, it needs to be understood, and when its understood it can then be embraced for what it truly is, not the made up story of the Conditioned Mind.

To me and this is only my experience, to be of the spirit is to have feet of clay and be grounded in the world because it is where I Am, but this doesn’t mean one has to be ruled by it. Our unity with humanity is a true foundation, for without it one is delusional; to the point where One would think they are above everyone else. The spirit is of equality, this is how one will know they’re on a true spiritual path. To be spiritual is to be with the reality of life as it is, not as one thinks it should be which occurs. Time stands still in the spiritual realm because in this reality, time isn’t needed. Life can only be lived in a moment by moment reality because there isn’t a reality outside of this.

There is the delusional state of the past and future, but they’re only a made up story in the head. Even when there are so called disagreements with others we are still in unity, but our own transforming energy has caused us to think there’s separation. The separation as is our disagreements, is only in our mind. In the spiritual realm, there is only love and love can only unite. We all do just what we are conditioned to do, but if the conditioning is altered to love that’s what one will do and how life will be viewed.

There isn’t anything magical about this, but there is a reality that life will always be the way that it is. And when this is grasped, life will always be the way that you want it to be because you will understand it’s always the way that it is. In this space, a reality will be grasped which goes beyond the understanding of the Conditioned Mind. Very few people live in the reality of this space as opposed to the delusion of the Conditioned Mind. And by understanding this you can embrace your humanness by being with the life you are given instead of a made up story that spirituality is this or that which is all in the head. Our manifestation is our humanness, our essence is spiritual, embrace your humanness and you will embrace the essence of spirituality and in the process you will embrace the life you are given.

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  1. This is very true to me in many ways! Thanks for sharing!

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