This site has been created to expand and share on some of the insights that led to the writing of It's Monday Only in Your Mind: You Are Not Your Thoughts.

It has been said change is the touchstone to all spiritual growth, but no change is necessary to be who you already are. The obstacles that keeps one from their own love need to be identified to be overcome.

Nothing changes until it’s discovered what causes the need to change in the first place. There are many obstacles to overcome if we’re to discover our innate goodness to love. First we have to find out why these obstacles are there and then we will need to find out how they can be overcome. If this isn’t discovered there won’t be a starting point to overcome the obstacles. But the real question is why don’t we develop a way of living from the onset of our life that cultivates love? Why do we have to develop a practice to allow our true nature of love?

This is where are conditioning takes over and how so much of what we do is because of this. The inner and outer influences of our life develop us and this is the real travesty of life because very few of these influences develop us to love. Most of the influences develop one to self seek and since that’s what we are taught we act as we’re developed. It’s just the way we have evolved, and this is the travesty. This is what needs to be discovered not so you can instill change, but so you can remove the obstacle that blocks you from being who you truly are. We really don’t change. By removing our obstacle to our own innate goodness to love, we just naturally revert to our true nature which has always been there, it has just been blocked. So change would mean we instill something different, but we can’t really become something different (a leopard can’t change his spots) so when the blocks are removed we become who we are.

Jesus was Jesus because there were no obstacles. He didn’t have to become anything to be the love that was in his heart. He showed us a clear and precise path on how to live without obstacles, but to many choose their own obstacle ladened path. Buddha took a different path with results of love also. He discovered and identified for us the obstacles that block us from being the love that we are, so we don’t suffer. Regardless of the path it’s the obstacles that one needs to be eradicated from. If you not following a path laid out before you that shows you your obstacles to love, then what kind of path are you on? Obstacles are blocks, it’s that simple. So if you aren’t removing these blocks, then you will not love, how can you?

We are love, it’s our true nature. We can not be anything but love because that’s what’s in our heart, but unless our developed obstacles are removed, this will not be overcome and we will be stuck in a world of obstacles that block us from being the love that we are.

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