This site has been created to expand and share on some of the insights that led to the writing of It's Monday Only in Your Mind: You Are Not Your Thoughts.

Nothing to Blame

With an outward view of life, there’s always justification to point a finger at someone or something for causing problems. With a view turned inward one sees there’s nothing to blame.

For many years I needed someone or something to blame to justify the way I reacted to life. Although I also blamed life itself, in reality my life was great, but I couldn’t see this. There was always this inner yearning of discontentment; it was my own mind that created this yearning by it not being understood, I just assumed the yearning was there because something or someone else was causing it so they were blamed accordingly. The main characteristic of the Conditioned Mind is to keep one looking outward and creating enough distractions that it becomes nearly impossible to look inward. Blaming others for what happens is one of the main tools of the Conditioned Mind to keep one imprisoned to the distractions. What’s needed to be understood about this is it’s ones own mind that does this.

God is blamed, along with parents, government, people in general, relatives, teachers, society, big business, and on and on, we even blame ourselves, but there really isn’t no where to lay blame, except when blame is used to justify what is done. And that’s because as soon as something is done it becomes the past.

If someone slaps you in the face and you get mad at the person, nothing can be changed about the fact that you were slapped, no matter what is done in retaliation or how mad you are. So if the person is slapped back, it doesn’t change the fact of the first slap, but it does make the ego feel better. To a mind that is controlled by the ego, it feels great, but the ego only uses the Conditioned Mind for reinforcement so it remains in control.

This is all blaming does, it reinforces a Conditioned Mind Pattern that’s used by the ego. This was a real dilemma for me until awareness was bestowed upon me to stop looking outward and I began looking inward. When this awareness occurred, lo and behold the blaming stopped because I saw there was no one to blame, especially myself. And why there’s nothing to blame when one looks inward is because no one is truly there.

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  1. The ego has to have something to prevent it’s carrier-you-from realising the world isn’t as bad as the mind makes out. The world isn’t out to ‘get you’, or make your life a misery. This is food for the ego, an expensive buffet of guilt, stress, worry, anxiety, self-abuse and pain. The real ‘You’ sees correctly, not differently. I think I’ve blamed the world and half the universe until I learnt to look inside and not out. I came to understand that the past, like a signpost, comes and goes. There’s no point looking ‘back’ at a signpost. Very inspirational post, thank you.

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